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Where did Ritlabs bury the themes in v6.xx?

Just upgraded to v6.xx of the program (Pro).  I am trying to locate where Ritlabs buried the themes.  It used to be under Workplace>Themes.  Where did it go?


Apart from the default V6 one - there's no other theme available, ATM.

Hopefully, we'll receive more theme options in the not-so-distant future.

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Frankly, it's not about themes. It's all about old-looking, in my opinion quite ugly and not very comfortable GUI. It used to be fresh, well designed and handy but it was 10 years ago. But since then standards have changed and most users are expecting changes.
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Yes, Marek K. Zborowski, people buying the bat expect some MS surface like interface which is a pain to use. Why else would you buy the bat if not to get an "MS Mail" clone?
The only thing I expect to come back is the colorthemes. I'm pissed about this for years now as I clearly prefer a /dark/ themed UI to read text. Sadly Ritlabs doesn't care anymore.
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