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Saving attachments

I have about 1500+ emails with attachments; I would like to save them on my hard disk, like this: Creating a folder with the FROM email address as folder name, and inside this folder, saving attachments, even better would be saving SOME attachments selected by their extensions (JPG for example). Is there a way to do this automatically, maybe writing some macro? Thanks :)
Yes, this is possible. Create a manual filter and add an action to extract attachments. In the destination directory field, specify a macro, for example %FROMADDR

So, you specify the following destination directory (example):


Then you select Folder|Refilter from the main menu to make this manual filter extract the attachments.

If you won't mark this filter as manual, it will also work for new messages. Just make sure to mark "continue processing with other filters" if you need other filters to be processes as well.

Here is the full list of macros that you may find useful:
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