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GMAIL stores in both Drafts and Sent Mail

Recently updated The Bat to version 5.8.8. and now started using my GMAIL account as IMAP.

As I could not find a manual as how to implement the GMAIL IMAP settings, I did what seems right.

Seems to work fine except for one issue: I write my mails in The Bat, and sending from The Bat, and ends up with 2 copies of my sent mail: one in the Draft folder and one in the Sent Mail Folder. When I try to delete mail from the Draft folder it reappears withing half a minute, so I ended up neglecting these mails, but now I get complaints that people are receiving these mails many many times, which is embarrassing, especially since I do not know how to solve this.

I hope someone can give me advice!

Edited: gk1er5 - 08 January 2014 21:42:34
That is a Gmail issue. You have to go out to the web to clean out "all mail"
Been there and done that. Perhaps Ritlabs will tweak how the Bat interfaces with Gmail since Gmail is so popular, but it is not the bat doing it and there is nothing that you can tweak (that I know of) to overcome that. Even spam deleted from the Bat will come back
Hi Rick, Thanks for your reply! I understand the reappearing is caused by gmail. Sorry to understand you know of no solution. And the resending is an issue. What seems to be possible is to send and wait for the sent message to reappear in the Drafts folder and then park it. At least that prevents the resending. Then at intervals I delete these mails through the web.
But this is a malfunctioning at such a core activitiy of emailing (naming: sending mail), that I still hope some one knows of a solution (a different IMAP setting, a clever Filter?). GMAIL is popular, and IMAP supposedly supported by the Bat! for ages... But let's not go into a "who's to blame" discussion, as I hope this problem can be solved.
Still hoping for ideas!
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