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TB freezing and not responding
Hi - I have been using The Bat! for years but have not upgraded for a while (budgetary constraints). I have been using version on my Dell Win7 Home Premium laptop for well over a year and until a few months ago, everything was fine. Then it started freezing and giving me the "not responding" message all the time. It's very annoying. It takes me a long time to compose an email as it freezes after every sentence or two. Sometimes less. My other software is fine. I've noticed it's worse when I'm working off battery as opposed to when I'm the laptop is charging.

Is this simply a case of finally needing to upgrade to the latest version because of change in Windows that makes this older one incompatible? Has anyone else reported this?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Go to the Mail Data folder. Find the cache folder and delete everything in it. If there is a imgfiles folder delete everything there too.
Also, do you run the maintenance center regularly? If not, run it while you do something else
I'll toss this one in too: If you have trouble starting the bat, go to the program directory and run as administrator. Get it going that way and you can start normally next time
I should also add: clean up the system while you're at it. If you download Ccleaner, it will do it for you (get the free version) The Bat leaves temp files
Good luck with it
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Thanks, Rick. Now, a stupid question. I can't find the Mail Data folder. Either in The Bat!'s program files or in The Bat! itself.

I don't run the maintenance centre, so I will do that.

So far, no problems with starting it- I'm always running my laptop as the administrator.

Thanks for the tip re clearing out my temp files. I try to do it regularly, but sometimes forget.
Right Click on any account and go to properties. Click files and directories and look for the <default> for home directory. Click browse. when the window opens scroll up to where you can see where it is something like programdata or user\appdata. Back out without changing anything and use windows explorer to navigate there
Thanks again - that folder was hidden by Win 7, though I was sure I had changed that when I first set up the computer. Things do seem a bit faster now. I appreciate the help.
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