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Giant mailbox import from Pocomail
So, I am contemplating moving to TB from Pocomail.  I have some 200k messages in a complex folder configuration.  I also have a registered version of an e-mail conversion program.  I have tried converting to MBX format without success.  I also tried converting to, and importing, Tbird type files, again without success.

What is the best format into which to convert to get all my messages and folder configurations correctly inported into TB?  If I can get this to work, I'd be happy to register.  But, I can't use the program without my old data.

Thanks for your assistance.
You may have to recreate the folder structure. Try dragging from Poco to the folder in the bat. I haven't used Poco for ages so sorry I can't be of more help. If drag and drop doesn't work directly, try dragging to and intermediate windows folder. I have vague memories of doing that with Poco
Recreating the folder structure is not an option:  I have hundreds of folders.  If there is not some way to import correctly, then I will have to look elsewhere.  

I don't understand your second suggestion.  

Thanks much.
If direct draging from Poco to the Bat doesn't work, then drag from poco to an open temprary folder, then drag from the windows folder into the Bat
I have used this guys software in the past and it was great at the time

I think you can do a few at a time to try it
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