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Automatic Spell Checker gone missing after OS upgrade
Recently upgraded OS from Windows XP to Windows 7 (32bit), have used The Bat! Business Edition V 2.12 for years, and until now never had a problem with it.
BTW, my backup DID NOT restore entirely, it gets to a certain point and gives me an error (It is a 2gb+ backup file that indicated it was successful when I backed it up.) My last few months of inbox are there but sent mail is almost entirely gone.

However, the feature I am most concerned about is my automatic spell check appears to have vanished?
How do I get it back?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Follow up comment - Reinstalling the program fixed the spell checker.
Edited: Tiffany Treat - 28 March 2014 22:20:38 (Reinstallation fixed issue)
Also - how do I fix the "send to" on right click of a file? Tells me the file or folder 'thebat.exe' that this shortcut refers to can't be found.  

In addition can no longer drag and drop files onto an email to add as an attachment?  Is this a windows 7 limitation?
Fixed "send to" issue in windows 7 by opening "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo" and replacing the shortcut with the reinstalled  thebat.exe shortcut

Still haven't been able to fix the drag and drop files onto an open message for attaching unless there is already an attachment, but being able to "send to" will make this easier to adjust to until I figure out what settings need to be tweaked.
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