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Slow search?, Is there a way to speed up the email search?
I'm currently upgrading from Eudora and in the process evaluating some candidates, The Bat being one of them.

There are about 300000 messages in the Eudora mailboxes. I've imported them to The Bat.

The search seems to be very slow, compared to Eudora. Eudora is able to search through all 300000 messages in a matter of seconds, while with The Bat you sit in front of the computer and wait...

Is there a way to speed up the email search in The Bat?

I believe Eudora is that fast because it has an indexer.
The only real big problem of the Bat is it doesn't index mails...   :-(
So the search is very slow if you have a lot of data like me.

I don't know why Ritlabs never tried to develop an indexer.

The only tool able to index the bat mail is Archivarius 3000 but it's another software and it's not perfect even if it's much better that The Bat search feature:
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