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Mail ticker weirdness, what the hell?
just upgraded and the oddest thing now.

I click on mail on the ticker line and instead of it opening mail, it opens a new folder, with the mail below, but it doesn't show the full mail, and the recent mail is listed above.. Click on the mail in the top window, it opens a new window.  open mail in a regular window, it opens another window with mail above and the message below.. the only way to open the mail by itself, which it's done for 20 years is to respond to mail..

so what te hell is going on? this is ridiculous!

Edited: expert47 - 09 April 2014 00:27:36
weird.. but solved.. apparently the new version has a switch to show messages.. once i found where that switch was hiding i solved the issue.. mod can delete or leave in case others have encountered this issue themselves.

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