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Displaying Invitations, Is there a way to display invitations within (or outside) The Bat!?
I have an increasing number of clients and vendors sending meeting invitations that are not readable using The Bat!  They appear as a tab called "Part.txt" but are not in a readable form and of course I can't accept the invitation.

I assume most of these come from companies using Outlook or Microsoft Exchange but I am able to read these on my Android phone as an attachment called "noname.ics" (although I can't accept).  Others using Apple systems or Thunderbird are able to view and respond to them without difficulty.  I love The Bat!, but I may be forced to switch if there is no possibility of solving this.
I solved my problem - by switching to Thunderbird.  I've been with The Bat! for 9 years now but it is time to move on.  Interesting that a 9 year user is still considered a "Beginner".  I guess I just didn't need enough help to move up the ladder.

So long, The Bat!  
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