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Lost Host Connection..DATA RSET

Recently i start to face new prob......When ever i try to send large files, even more than 1 MB, sending of files stops after some time and then gives an error for lost host connections ..DATA...RSET....i tried this with different accounts

any suggestions.


I am really getting annoyed by the following error while sending mail. any help would be highly appreciated.

Whenever i am sending files more than 1 MB i get error

Connection to host broken (Last Commands Sent Were: "DATA", "RSET")

Please i really need some help on this

Edited: John Matt - 18 April 2014 23:32:56
I have also encountered this particular error whenever my Mailing List exceeded 99 addresses (Gmail account) while sending mails through The Bat!

Have also seen this error when my SMTP was configured as per recommended settings. :(

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Windows 8.1 Update (64-bit, Pro) | The Bat! Pro 6.3.2 (POP3) | MailWasher Pro 7.3.0
I managed to solve this prob for my system. Customer support advised me to check firewall and it was indeed creating prob.... however for the time being i am able to send emails without errors
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