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Set digest e-mails received as single message not as separate EML files
Suddenly, I'm receiving e-mail mailing list digests split into separate tabbed parts in the viewer, which are downloaded as separate eml files and not one big digest message as before. This only applies for some of the mailing list digests I receive, not others. And it was a change that occurred in one case where I went briefly to no-mail and then back to digest (commands to the Listserv server, no change in The Bat).

How do I change the setting for this back to digests as one e-mail message, in each/all cases where it arises?

Many thanks,
I don't know of a setting in the bat that splits INCOMING mail. Whether or not you get your group mails in digest form is controlled by the list i.e in Yahoo groups there is a setting for each group you are in and they will send a digest every so many emails that arrive to the group or daily in a slow group

Am I understanding your issue correctly?  
Thank you for that, Rick.

Yes, you understand correctly: my incoming digest messages are split into separate files instead of one big continuous message as before, so that the digest message shows up in the viewer as a tabbed multi-part message and in my default download folder (where attachments are put) there is a set of EML files, with one file for each of those parts.

This happens for two different entirely unrelated Listservs.

I suppose I better look again at the Listserv settings, but on those I can't see any way to specify anything other than receiving mail (individual messages) or digest.

Again, many thanks,
The list owners have to go into the list management / digest options and change the digest size threshold to zero or increase it to a higher lever (the default is 30 kb)

How big in Kb should a digest be before it gets sent out? 0 implies no maximum size. (Edit digest_size_threshhold)
I have also found another solution, one that more or less confirms that analysis. On the Listserv site, I found an option for SET <mailing list name> DIGESTPLAIN, which has solved the problem (I assume that produces smaller, plain text files which resolve the problem with size limitations you mentioned).

Thank you for your help.

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