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Unspecified error
TB! is giving "Unspecified error" when I click on some folders. Not a very helpful error message for either of us, I'm sure you'll agree.

My database seems to have become totally corrupted somehow, which is causing the problem. Today I noticed that a folder that I don't often use was missing. Somehow in the process of trying to restore it from a backup the database has become corrupted and is now giving the messages. In addition, it downloaded about 150 messages for the server which I'd already received. It's the folders with these messages in which give the "Unspecified" error.

I need my mail system - can you please help urgently? All I can think of is wiping the current messagebase, restoring from yesterday's backup if it still exists. but it may have been overwritten by today's by now.
First - go to the data folder and back the whole thing up to another place (or zip it up to the desktop etc) You can find where it is by clicking the information tab under the message list

Missing folders - press CONTROL ALT SHIFT L at the same time and it should restore folders that are still in the folder tree on the hard drive

Then run FOLDER / MAINTENANCE CENTER and go have lunch while it runs (usually it takes a couple of minutes but if you have a lot of corruption it may take a bit

If there is still an issue, the index files in each folder end with TBN and you can move them out one at a time and see if that is the issue

If you can get into the folder but it is still a mess, drop a message back here and we will continue
Thanks Rick. I've taken it to the support system as I have a license.

The problem with ctrl-alt-shift-L is that it seems to lose all of the folder properties - I use those a lot.
I've now learnt from Support that if the message files are in the correct folder (as seen by Explorer) but not as visible by The Bat! you can use the Ins ert key to put the folder in to TB! - you get a warning message that the folder exists, but if you continue the folder is inserted with all its mail. Fantastic!

I'd tried that but chickened out in case it decided to delete the existing mail file when creating the "new" folder.
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