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How to see top of list when switching to a folder
I am using the 30-day trial to see if I want to purchase the Pro version.  I am rather frustrated trying to learn how to do things in TB.  

For example, every time I change to a different folder (other than the Inbox), the viewer starts me at the very bottom of the list of messages.  Other email clients I've used in the past always start at the top of a folder when you open it.  So with TB, I'm looking at the earliest message rather than the latest when first opening a folder.  I often forget to notice that the scroll-bar is positioned at the very bottom, and end up thinking my latest emails are missing!!

So how can I change this behavior?

Secondarily, is there a user manual of some kind that I can get?  This seems like a very large and complex program, with no easy way to find what you're looking for.

Thank you for any help you can provide.
Yes, I have been able to send emails from TB.  I confirmed that they were received too.
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