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Draft message problems with OpenPGP encryption
Are these issues with Draft messages and GnuPG encryption still present in the latest release? Or have Ritlabs fixed them?

  1. Messages configured to be encrypted on completion are
  saved/autosaved as unencrypted drafts.

  2. Messages that are configured to be signed or encrypted on
  completion lose these settings when saved/autosaved as drafts. So
  when you open the draft and send it, with or without editing, the
  signing and/or encryption does not happen.
These faults are still present in Version 7.1.18 (64-bit).
I also find it inconvenient/illogical that Sent emails are stored encrypted for the recipient instead of encrypted with your own key. That way you are never able to open your own copy of the encrypted email. The only workaround is to put yourself in CC.

In that regard: The Bat! should save outgoing copies of the mail encrypted with your own key instead of the recipients key (as for example Enigmail does).
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