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Inconsistent behavior of “Decrypt/Verify OpenPGP Message”
OS: Win 7
The Bat! Pro 6.7.36 (32-bit)
Gpg4win 2.2.4, GnuPGP External Key Manager -> C:\Program Files (x86)\GNU\GnuPG\gpg2.exe

Why when I receive encrypted mail and press “Decrypt/Verify OpenPGP Message” after entering my passphrase I see “Save attachment as” form instead of expected “PGP Decrypted” tab? If I choose “Decrypt and Save”, I get a copy of the message with added “(encrypted)” in the subject and “part.att” as attachment.
This happens only with incoming mail. When I create a new encrypted message and put in the Outbox, by pressing “Decrypt/Verify OpenPGP Message” I can instantly see the content in the “PGP Decrypted” tab, that is staying within The Bat! interface and not having to save anything anywhere.  
I'm experiencing this too, with 6.8 (32 bit).
Same for me. I opened a ticket with the bat support on this.
Hi, I also have this problem (thebat 6.8.x and 7.1.x), but only with mails from
If I send mails from one account (from within thebat) to another it works like expected. I also opened a ticket for that.

Is it with any mail from outside, or just with specific ones?
Edited: MICHAEL M. - 27 June 2016 18:14:42
I know this topic is old, but I am wondering if anyone was able to get this resolved
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