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Reply layout - citation marking, About the recipient name in front of every cited line
Hi again!

Another mystery about replying: How to only get > at the beginning of cited lines from the message I am replying to?


Johansson, Tomas> du gå på något pass i eftermiddag?

Johansson, Tomas> -----Original Message-----
Johansson, Tomas> From: Eva G []
Johansson, Tomas> Sent: den 17 april 2015 08:58
Johansson, Tomas> To: Johansson, Tomas
Johansson, Tomas> Subject: Re: Anna

Johansson, Tomas> Hej Tomas!

This whole name is not very informative, especially as it turns up in front of my first message, that Tomas did not write ...

Thanks in advance
OK, found it! It is in the Account->Properties->Templates->Reply
dialog box if somebody else should need it.

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