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Farewell to TheBat!
It is with a certain amount of sadness that I must bid farewell to TheBat! e-mail client.

I have used TheBat! since 2001 and have been very happy with the program.

I am ending my use of the Windows operating system(s) and moving to Linux (Kubuntu to be exact), and using Thunderbird for e-mail.  I do wish that there was a version of TheBat! available for Linux.

G-Jim c):{-
I do wish that there was a version of TheBat! available for Linux.

Why so sad? Install the latest wine with your favorite package manager and have a look to wine appDB:

The Bat!
Joerg Schiermeier
Informatiker, Bielefeld
I agree - and I'm sad too. I'm not going to run Vine, nor run Windows in a separate partition, etc. When I change it's going to be a complete changeover because there's no point in being stuck between two operating systems for ever. Windows 10 is, literally, the end of the line and I'm not going to put up with Microsoft's bloated spyware any longer, so during the (I hope slightly protracted) dying period of Windows 7 I'm going to be changing over all the programs which can't run under Linux to equivalents which can. I shall be very sad to leave The Bat! after all these years, but as there are no plans to run it under Linux, that's it.
Hi Joerg, I'm planning to switch to Linux as well, but I was reluctant because of some windows apps that I will miss, especially, The Bat! Do you think you can give me some advises to make the jump ? If you have spare time of course. Thanks !
I'm back!!!

I am able to run TheBat! via Wine (v 1.6.2) -- I have upgraded to v7 of TheBat!

Now, to import those 7 months worth of e-mail messages from Thunderbird.

G-Jim c):{-
Good skills :-)
Very interesting post !   I would love to dump Windows 10, but I need some other apps that run on windows.  
I used to be in the same situation a few years ago - experienced Windows to Linux replacement, tried wine for a few months and finally I have decided to dump TB! completely for Thunderbird. It was hard time and a lot of mail convertion. But I do not regret that decision and I would never again swap multiplatform email client for a Windows-dedicated one. Now I'm using both these operating systems (Linux + Windows) concurrently and enjoy one mail system without worries. But I still cheer on TB! and mention it nicely:)
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