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Archiving Old Messages, Finding a method of archiving old messages
I am trying to find a method of archiving old messages in a manner similar to the way Outlook does.  A selection based on the age or the message is presented in Microsoft's Outlook and it can run automatically at selected intervals.  Is there a method of doing this in The Bat! Professional? (Running v6.8 right now.)
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Marc, I am struggling (using POP) to understand and organise archiving with the Bat. A very good email client but can be a truggle at times! Having read and searched the forum I am none the wiser as several comments do not relate to POP but IMAP, apart fr om one comment wh ere the author says he has set up archiving for POP but gives no details. For the moment my approach has been to create a common folder called Archives and create sub folders with the titles/topics that I need to archive and I simply expand this tree move maill from my main folder tree to the archive folder and then collapse the the folder structure until I  next need to this out my "live" folders as they are becoming too large.  Don't know if this helps or not I hope so. There don't seem to have been many replies to you so Ipresume everyone else has worked out their own archiving routine.
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