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[V7 Win 7] Drag & Drop to add an attachment don't work
Hi, i'm a French customer, and  i use The Bat! V - 64bits.

I can't use the 'Drag and Drop' feature to add an attachment.
I see a "no-way" icon when i try to drop files to any The Bat's window.
Extracting attachement by Drag and Drop is ok.

The only solution is to use the dedicated paper-clip icon

Previously, in olders version, when i drop a file into the main ThBat windows, a new mail window was opening.
With the V7 version, this in no longer available.

I try the same action on Windows 8.1, with no success. I always see this anoying "no-way" icon.

Thanks for answerring and appology my poor english language
Edited: Norbert LEFEVRE - 01 October 2015 16:02:18
That pops up from time to time and yes it is annoying
Restarting the bat should fix it
it's me again
.... with the same problem  :(
I have TB! last version ( ,actually)
Closing and re-opening the programm don't solve the problem.

Is there a special permission's configuration to do ?
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