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Upgrade from Bat v4.2.44.2 Pro to Bat v7 Pro?, Install Bat 7 over the top of the old version .. or?
I ponder the purchase/upgrade to Bat v7 Pro from the older version (Bat v4.2.44.2 Pro).  I'm using a Windows 7 / 64 bit machine.

Any hurdles to clear prior .. or, can I install 7 over the old version without difficulty?

Thanks ..
People have done exactly that - I haven't heard any horror stories. Back up your entire mail directory (zip it up or copy the folder to the desktop)
Just be aware - there was a database change in v 5 and you cannot go back to 4 after it is converted (hence the full backup)
Also if you are on a 64 bit version you can use that

It is a good time to do a fresh install but back up anything in the program folder (like customized smilies) firs
Good to see you're still slugging away, Rick G .. thanks!
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