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TheBat v7 x64 and Regula Antispam Plugin v2.2.7, Will it work?
Just a quick question, cause I'd like to move from v6 (x86) to v7 (x64), and like to know, that Regula Antispam Plugin v2.2.7 will properly work with next v7 x64 version of The Bat!?
Hi, no it won't... I've been using the regula antispam plugin for many years and since the x64 version of the Bat! it doesn't work anymore. As you can see, this information is given by Ritlabs :

*The 64-bit version of The Bat! does not accept 32-bit plugins. If your  plugin stopped working after installing The Bat! 64-bit, you should  either get the 64-bit version of the plugin or switch back to the 32-bit  version of The Bat!        
Edited: Ray - 07 December 2015 09:32:21
I've seen this information, but as I can imagine most of plugins "available" at ritlabs site are for 32bit version.
So currently, I can assume, that 64bit version should be running w/o plugins, cause there're no new x64 versions of them.
That's a pity :(
Edited: Karol Szastok - 07 December 2015 09:38:56
Yes, that's a shame, it's not Ritlabs fault but still they should have provided a way to support 32 bits plugin.

Have you tried to contact the guy that have developed the Regula Antispam plugin ? maybe there is a trick to make it work in a way we don't know ?

if you find anything interesting please let me know, I was so used to this plugin, working so well :)
Message sent, answer received:
The development of the Regula plug-in is stopped since a few years.
The stand alone application "Phalanx" has more features and is fully compatible with The Bat! 32 and 64 bit (
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