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I'm at a loss for finding a general "undo" command.  I'm coming from Thunderbird and if I did almost anything in error, I could always just hit Ctrl+Z and undo it.  There doesn't seem to be this function in TheBat!, or am I just missing it?

For instance:
Deleting a message (have to find it in trash and manually move it back)
Moving a folder
Moving a message to another folder (the wrong one, by accident)

etc.  Pretty much anything that is non-permanent, I used to be able to undo.  with tons of messages and folders, if I move one message or a group of messages by accident or to the wrong location, or delete (to trash) unintentionally, I have to hunt them down and undo manually

Am I just missing the undo button?
Really need this.
May be all you need is just reinstall the software?
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