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Email Service Recommendation, Can anybody recommend an email service?
Can anyone recommend a good, reliable email service that works with The Bat. I have had missing emails / spam problems with my current ISP and want something independent of them. I don't mind paying a small monthly fee but I'm only an individual not a company so don't need a super Exchange provider package with a Domain. I don't want to use Hotmail / Gmail or Yahoo but do want encryption if possible.
I don't know why you don't want Gmail as it is stable but some use
Try  I use them myself, for similar reasons to yours.  Excellent service, cheap (subjective, I know), and works well with TheBat.
Thanks guys, have had a look at Gmx, Protonmail and Tutanota but they all seem to be Web only (no IMAP). Will keep looking.
Have you looked at  I have a couple email accounts and never had any problems.
No, GMX offers pop3.

You just have to google the server settings because they dont flat out tell you what the pop3 server settings are anymore.. I guess they're trying to wing everyone off pop3.

I implemented FastMail several weeks ago. Works with POP3 or IMAP. I am using it with IMAP. If you own your own domain (Try you can us Alias to place your company or organization. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc can all be forwarded to FastMail. You use only one email address on your business cards. Emails appear on your phone and desktop. Very Fast. Very Secure. Stable. US servers, but owned by Australian company. IMAP migration tools included to import existing emails from the other email services. Multilevel tiers of service and online storage starting at FREE. FASTMAIL
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GMX does have an IMAP client option:

May be difficult to find on the website since they push webmail for ads.
You could try (Net@ddress).  It provides many services.    It has two UI choices to chose from Classic and Modern (still use Classic myself).

It has excellent spam filtering, it allows for multiple user created alias email addresses (I have over 20 presently).  

It is not free but for about $30 a year it is a great deal.  It has been my email service of choice for over 20 years.  

It allows for POP3 or IMAP and I have used many email programs such as The Bat, PostBox, EssentialPIM Pro, eM Client, Chaos Intellect, and others with no issue, ever.

It simply works. Hope this helps.
I registered just to make this reply.

I had some costly issues with business emails not making it thru.

After looking around, I went with

Have been using them for a year and a half now and am happy. Everything makes it through. It has been my experience that some yahoo and also some gmail addresses don't always make it through the DMARC systems.

$20 a year per account, I have two accounts there. For high dollars they can do five year retention, all the new compliance factors for US  larger business emails on the relatively new retention regs.

Works for me.

Hope this helps.
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I have my own domain but did not use any webhost.
I use without any issue so far.
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