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Default mail client

This might be a rather simple question, but in Windows7 how/where can I set TheBat as the default mail client. It is the only mail client I have installed and running, but anytime I click on a "mailto" link in any web page (using FireFox), I get maybe a couple dozen or more IE browser windows opening???. I have tried clicking a mailto link using IE also but same results and no bat opening in response to the mailto link.

I have looked high and low but can't see to locate where to fix this in Windows7

Thank you
You will find what you want there and can set it as you wish. I have them all checked and have them silently restore if something else changes them without bothering me with it
Thank you, but I do have these all checked. Mozilla Firefox is my default browser in which I have TheBat set to handle mailto links, but still, any time I click a mailto link on a web page for some reason IE throws an error message stating "Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed". I am not even using IE nor is IE even my default browser. This if I his "OK" in this error dialog box, IE launches a countless number of "navigation canceled pages".

I realize this situation is most likely nothing to do directly with TheBat, I just don't where else to look in my Windows7 to fix it. Since it is mail realated I am hoping someone may have an idea of what is happening and where I can go to locate the problem.
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Perfect! Thank you
Daniel, YOU'RE A LIFE SAVER! Thank you!
I couldn't have imagined the solution was so simple.

The actual solution that worked for me: I've had to recreate the missing association for mailto: protocol.
From an elevated command prompt, run this command:
reg ADD "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\mailto" /v "URL Protocol" /t REG_SZ /d "" /f

See if your mailto: links start working afterward. If not, then it is likely not an association's issue and you'll have to search further.

The command itself is safe. Even if a mentioned entry exists, it'll do nothing harmful to it.
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