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Error "error could not obtain OLE control window handle", This error started with update 7.3.6
Running Windows Ten Pro, never had this problem with previous versions. In the latest version 7.3.6 the workspace changes from "full height account tree" to "Full width preview pane", then locks up with this error. "could not obtain OLE control window handle" These settings are found in Workspace/Window Split Mode.
I'm able to click "ok" and dismiss about five of these errors to enable closing The Bat.
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Increase the handles for your system (Windows? What version, Linux?)
If it is windows check this link
Task Manager shows about 32,600 handles, Windows Ten Pro Version 1607 Build 14393.321, with Intel I6700K Processor and 32gb Corsair Dominator Platinum ram. Do handles have anything to do with video? This is my first time using the built in graphics on the i6700K. I have always used a graphics card.
I followed the instructions at the link you provided and still have the error with no success.
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Thanks Rick. I'd like to learn why I would need to increase the handles. It has something to do with upgrading from an older system. I went from running The Bat 7.3.6 on Windows Ten Pro on Asus P6X58D motherboard, Intel I7 960 and Corsair memory and never had this error. Now running the same software on Gigabyte Designare motherboard (with Z170 chip), Intel I6700K and Corsair memory, I'm getting this error. I even reverted to The Bat 7.2 and get the same error.
If you have any insight or could point me towards info on "Handles" that would be wonderful. For example, before changing the amount of handles, I'd like to know any negative aspects of doing that.  
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