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Big problems with the latest version, IMAP folders not synchronising properly
I was hoping to move to The Bat! permanently, but I had such big problems, frustratingly, after spending hours setting everything up to be the way I wanted it to be.

The first hint of trouble came with being unable to move some messages between folders and some of thr filters behaving erratically. I managed to resolve those issues by uninstalling Antispam Sniper and modifying my filters a little (sorry, I can't remember all the details). Everything was working for a time, but then I made a big mistake - I went to my account on my ISP's server and renamed the folder where most of my mail goes into after being filtered. When I opened up The Bat!, the new folder was there alright, but it only had e-mails in it dating back to last January (just under half the amount on the ISP's server). Furthermore, a folder with the original name was still there, which contained all the e-mails. I tried to delete it, but I kept getting a message saying that it couldn't be deleted because it contained parked messages. I looked through the messages list and there were two messages that were flagged as parked, so I unparked them, but when I exited from ther folder and then went back in, the messages were still parked. I tried finding some of the folders on my C Drive that "support" had suggested I delete, but many of them I couldn't find anyway.

I notice that I've just had another message from support, so I may try again tomorrow, but it's been a frustrating experience, whereas with Thunderbird (my current e-mail client), I get no such issues. Why does The Bat! have to be so hard to manage?
When using IMAP The Bat! must subscribe to each folder you wish to be shown, by renaming the folder on the server via webmail interface and not The Bat it got confused. The Bat will cache subscribed folders locally and this is a problem when changing folders from another client (webmail is a client also).

  • close TB
  • Rename the folder via ISP web interface to old name
  • logout of ISP web interface
  • restart TB
  • now rename the folder
  • unpark messages
  • now close TB
  • open ISP web mail interface, should be the new name
  • close ISP web interface
  • reopen TB
  • update your filters to reflect new folder name
If rename is done from within TB should be clean and not require using ISP interface and all the steps next time.

TB is not the best when it comes to IMAP has a few quarks that need to be addressed sometime. Have used since version 4.x waiting for better IMAP support. the two best Win clients are: Mulberry (now unsupported yet works wonderful), Alpine (text based)  and Sylpheed with these as good but not great Eudora (unsupported), Becky! and Pegasus.

Hope this helps.
Edited: Arnold DeRoy - 02 November 2016 03:08:59 (add one more client to list)
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