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How to import a whole directory tree of *.mbox files?
I have got a big directory tree of mbox files representing lots of emails and their corresponding structure.

How can I import them (in one step) in TB?

If I go to menu

tools--->Import messages--->Mailbox Import Wizard

then the following dialog does neither offer the import of *.mbox files nor even of a whole directory tree of mbos files.

So how does this work?
Sorry but Mbox files are imported one at a time and you must recreate the tree as you go.  
Ok, thank you for the answer.

Is it at least possible to import a whole message tree with *.eml files?

If yes: what do I have to choose in "Import messages" Wizard?

As far as I can see TB offers here similarly one-EML-file-at a time.
Can this be true?

Is there really no full message tree import?

What about importing from Thunderbird?
Does TB at least offer here a full message dirtree migration?

Have you checked the /IMPORT commandline argument, which can be used in batch files? See the help file.
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Yes, I know /IMPORT cmdline parameter.

However performing this command requires that the target message folders all already exist in TheBat.

I cannot create a new message ((sub)sub)folder in TheBat from command line.

Any other idea?

Did you try the Ctrl-Alt-Shift-L trick that Rick G suggested to you in 2012? See

This triggers a mechanism that reinstates folders that are currently not shown in that account in The Bat, but that do exist in its mail folder on your harddisk. So, potentially you could create a bunch of subfolders in that account's folder and then use this to make The Bat include them in the account. In the help file, this is documented under "Common  Problems". It says:

I'm missing some folders (and I didn't delete them).
  • Select the  account which lost folders
  • Press  the <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Shift>+<l> simultaneously

Other than that, the only solution I can think of to create all these folders in The Bat would be to use windows macroing software like AutoIt. There may be other solutions but I don't know them.
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.

Thank you for the hint.
However I tried this but it works not satisfying for all folders. I have had problems e.g. with some attachments and with emails with cyrillic and japanese characters. Moreover I don't want to fiddle around with batch scipts iterating over hundreds of message folders.

In general it is really poor that a commercial program like TheBat does not offer such basic features like import/export resp. load/save of message dir trees
It seems to me I should wait for another couple of years before I re-evaluate TheBat again.
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