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Disk label rename
Hello I installed your The Bat Voyager, and I'm annoyed surprised by one thing. Voyager changed lawlessly label of my drive. Instead of displaying Local Disk (D:) shows "The Bat Voyager (D:)" Why Voyager changed lawlessly such things?  [IMG][/IMG]

Edited: Patryk Kow - 16 November 2016 12:14:07
I don't think Voyager changes the actual volume label.

Look for a file named AUTORUN.INF in the root of that drive. Most likely, it will have an entry "label=The Bat! Voyager". Delete that entry and the name should be gone when you next reboot your system (or when you remove and re-insert that drive, if it is removable).
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Thank you Daniel, your solution helped. :)
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