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Something has gone wrong
Hi, for some reason from yesterday onwards every time I view an email it will show all the detail shown in OPTIONS/PREFERENCES/VIEWER EDITOR/PROFILE LAYOUT. Previously it just showed the message.

It shows the complete path layout etc. Sometimes this information is about 7 inches deep. I notice that there are two tabs at the bottom: Text/HTML. When I push HTML I can view the messages in text format, ie it doesn’t show all the additional information, just the message. I’d like to just be able to view the message and NOT all the other information.

It’s quite annoying.

Could someone please help me with this?
Right-click somewhere in the message text to get the context menu, then un-tag 'RFC-822 Headers'.
Thank you very much Daniel!  You don't know how grateful I am...

I was considering an uninstall and reinstall.  I've been worrying about it all day and night.
Glad to have helped, David!  I've run into that one several times, myself..  :)
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