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Placement of New Message window?, Is there a way to do this?
Well, I'm fairly new to the Bat and have finally gotten most of the tweaks done to bring the program close to how I like to work (though the editor is still a pain in some ways). However, a very simple thing I'd like to do: is there a setting that will place a new window in a particular spot on the screen?

Every time I open a New Message window, it shows up off to the left of the screen and main program window, and I have to drag it over so that I can actually just look straight ahead at what I'm typing. It is only an annoyance, but I certainly would like to find a setting or initialization file where I could set a window placement and have it show up there Every Time.

Any help?

Open up a message, drag it to where you want it then go to view / Store window position and that should do it
Again from an open message and not the main window.
Hope that helps!

Perfect! I couldn't find anything in the Help file and I'd never have found it in the menu. It looks like that took care of it completely, thank you!

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