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Change appearene of reply email, I want the text of reply email to be in the top of previus emails and not in the bottom
I have just noticed that the standard appearance of the the reply emails is to put old emails in the top of the page and all reply text appears in the bottom. Can we change the appearance to look like the outlook, or hot mail?

Also every time I hit the reply button, a new window with the message appears but also included all incoming message. How can I see only the message I want without the inbox again?

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When you right-click on the name of that account and choose Properties, then go to Templates | Reply, you can change your reply template.
For instance, you can put %Cursor above %Quotes, so that when you begin typing a reply, your text will appear above the quotes.

I am not sure what you mean with your second question. When you hit reply, the new message will include a quoted copy of the message that you are replying to (because '%Quotes' is in the reply template). In most cases that is very useful isn't it?
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Daniel is correct. You can do this for an individual in your address book, an account or a specific folder and they are respected in that order
So you can set it as Daniel suggested and if you have a folder for a mail group that requires no top posting, then set it correctly as a folder template and reply out of that folder. Using folder templates can be tricky and logically do some things that you may not expect. Keep an eye on any emails that are sent using a folder template to make sure it is what you wanted
If you filter all emails from "" and have the reply set to "" in the template, all replies will go there
However if you change the address to (say) "" and do anything else, it will readd "" so that you are sending to both.
Just be aware and if that is an issue make the new address just before hitting the send button

I have done this a lot and have learned the hard way  :D
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