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Incoming mail sound, Configuration
Could you tell me if in the Bat application, there is the possibility of setting an auditory notification about a newly received message? Thank you
       in advance for your help.
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Right-click on the account name, choose Properties and go to Sound. Turn 'Play sound when new mail arrives' on. When you have done that, you can also specify the desired sound file, as well as the times during which it may be played.
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I realize this is an older topic, but I do not have the 'Sound' option in my menu. Currently using version 7.4.4 (64 bit).

When I right click any of my accounts and choose Properties, 'Sound' is nowhere to be found. Has the location changed in 7.4.4?

Thank you for any assistance.
Still looking for insight on this, please.

Thank you.
The sound feature only works for POP accounts. Since you aren't seeing that option, I am inferring you are using IMAP.
You are correct. I am using IMAP. I was not aware you could not have sound on IMAP.

Thanks for letting me know.
I have an update, thanks to the other thread about filters. Instead of using the POP sound feature, just set a filter to play a sound. With 7.4.8 this is an easy solution for playing sounds on incoming mail for IMAP.
@ David Kirk,

Thanks for that idea! I will try that, then report back.

EDIT: Added a filter to include sound and it is working perfectly. Version 7.4.10.

Thanks again!
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I have the opposite problem. My mail is playing sound when checks inboxes with IMAP, I want to disable the sound but I do not have the sound option.

Please advise
What kind of sound do you hear? A system sound or a custom sound?  If it is a system sound that resembles error sound, look at the account log (you can open it by pressing Ctrl+Shift+A in the main window) - are there errors in the log?

If there are no errors in the log, then maybe you have the sound to play configured in the filters. As you have shown in the screenshot, IMAP doesn't have sound options in the Account Properties, and the way to play sound in IMAP is via the filters. If it is the case, then you can remove the sound palying action from the filter.

Here is the page that explains how to configure new mail sound notification, and it is also helpful if you wish to remove sound:
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