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Migrating from very old version, Getting User from 1.6.1 to
We have a customer that is still using 1.6.1 version of the The Bat!, and they have  quite a bit of email stored within.

They would like to purchase the latest 7.3.12 release, but we need to know if it is possible to move the saved mail forward. I imagine we would need to install several interim versions in order to migrate the the data. Do you have any tech notes or guidelines on this process?

Thanks much in advance for your help.

Copy your database to somewhere else and locate the version 1 installer

You SHOULD be able to upgrade seamlessly but going back to version 1 causes a bit of hesitation
There was a database change back in version 5 if I remember, so you cannot backtrack once the conversion is done (hence the backup)

Open a ticket if you are real skittish about it as this is a user forum and you get opinions, some EXCELLENT.

After all the backing up including a oopy of your license key and possibly backing up the RIT key in the registry, Give it a whirl with the latest version knowing you can step backwards if anything goes horribly wrong

I personally would not expect problems if I had to do it, :))
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