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Indexed full-text body search?
Does The Bat have indexed search of mail body implemented? Outlook does it (via windows search indexes), Thunderbird & em-Client create their own search indexes (Global search) and preform pretty fast mail searches there after.
Sure - right click any folder in the folder pane, pick "search, then the folders that you want to search and one of the fields is "any part" and that will find the text in message bodies
Thanks for replying.

I am aware of that option. But I specifically meant indexed search. Try searching for a keyword in 300000 mails and it takes 4-5 minutes. In Outlook, Thunderbird etc it barely takes a second or two. I think Bat goes through every mail on each search and doesn't create & maintain any indexes. For a professional mail client such as this, it should have been implemented long back.
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