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How to sync contacts between Bat (7.x) and or or with iCloud
I think sync of contacts is one of the biggest questions here but we are still missing actual described solutions by Ritlabs online in Help for the most used email address domains.

I'm using The Bat 7.4 with multiple and accounts. All are defined as IMAP accounts.

I'm also using an iPhone (iOS 10.2) and also all mail accounts are defined.

I want to sync all contacts accross the devices (but not between the accounts of course - if possible). This could be done preferred via or account (I could manage them online) - but maybe also via website contacts.

What is the best solution to keep them sync or shortest & best compatible steps if export & import is required?

What must I do and how to config The Bat 7.4?

Come on - in 4 days we have 2017 ... and no easy solution?
Edited: Robert Graf - 28 December 2016 18:09:07
What have you tried so far?

It should work like this:
- open the address book [F8]
- Click in menu: File > New > Address book
- Select the options

...however, there are some sync issues if you use OwnCloud (birthday and phone numer not synched correctly).
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