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CardDAV sync with OwnCloud / TB Address book, TheBat! Address book does not synchronize perfectly via CardDAV with OwnCloud (birthday, phone numbers)

I want to synchronize TheBat ( with my OwnCloud (9.1) address book.

This works well for names and e-mail.

However, the birth date which is shown/set in the OwnCloudCalendar is not being sync'ed with TB.
Also   the other way round it doesn't work: When I set a birthday for a   contact in TB (tab "Private", checkbox birthday, and synchronizing the   address book), it is not shown in OwnCloud.

I guess that the   implementation in TB is the reasan, as OwnCloud correctly synchronizes   the birth date with other applications (like Thunderbird and iOS).
Just   out of curiosity I was looking into other fields, and it  looks  like   also for the phone number it's not perfect: From OwnCloud,  it  collects   the mobile number (showing it as normal phone), but not  the  normal phone   number. Setting the number in TB they are not shown  in  OC at all.
Edited: Johann Eckert - 03 January 2017 22:47:16
It   would be very nice, if there was an option  (like  "Expert  View" or  else)  where you can select the fields to be   synchronized or  even with  which  field they should match (similar to   CSV-Import).

If  the  CardDav  works well, I would be very happy   and I could work very   efficiently  managing my contacts in TheBat and   have them  synchronized  with other  devices.
...also the contact picture is not being synchronized (from OC to iOS via CardDav for example, it works perfectly!).
...and "groups" neither.
Does anyone know if this is fixed in the new version?

On the What's New page it says nothing about CardDAV:
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