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Gmail two factor authentication (2fa) problem, New install. Unable to connect to gmail using an app specific password
New user,
new install just today (x64 on Windows 7)

Trying to set up my gmail account using IMAP.
Note: I added the new account before registering the Bat, then registered, the problem persists.

Two factor authentication is enabled in gmail, so I created an app specific password for the Bat in my google account.
This does not work.
A new window opens (with Bat logo in titlebar) to the following page:

Sign in with your Google Account

Enter your email
[my email address is here]

Click 'Next' requests my google password -- the app specific one does not work.

# Does the Bat expect me to give my main google password?
# Should I just delete the account and start again (poss. related to the programme initially not being registered?)

(was unable to find any info about this problem, maybe my search-fu not good enough..)

TIA, Tom
I opened a ticket, response was:
The Bat! uses oAuth to sign into your Google account and get permissions to send/receive mail and synchronize contacts. The Bat! will not store your main Google password, instead it will keep a token which will only allow to access mail and contacts. We suggest you use oAuth:
seems to work fine :up:
Go to OPTIONS / SMIME /TLS and change it from the Bat address book to Microsoft
Please post back and let us know if it works so others can search and find this post
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