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accounts in the data directory not showing, After bringing over files on a full transer, only one account appears
Newbie to TheBat!.  Use Eudora for many years, currently in test mode, running both, where TheBat! is downloading first with "leave on server".  

I work in two spots, one at a time for some weeks. And I prefer to work with POP mailboxes on my normal ISP mail.  And keep the server fairly downloaded and empty. With the exception of my Gmail Accounts. The large-volume forum mail runs through the Verizon ISP in a grandfathered quasi-permanent account.  

And I started TheBat! fresh.  I have an archive of 10+ years of mail but that is all done in a second no-more-download Eudora data folder.  (Eudora does not use the registry for that setting, so you simply change the target, using two shortcuts.)  TheBat! configured mailboxes very easily and I have a modest amount of email there from a couple of weeks of downloads.


Now for my question.  I set up six server accounts on TheBat! Four are in download use.  (Two are unavailable due to a Verizon keepyouremail complication.) One is a gmail, two are Verizon keepyouremail accounts, and one is a new one on Namecheap using my own domain name (later I may change this to a Runbox, PoBox or Fastmail server).  The four work fine, the POP downloads are good, although I have decisions to make on whether I want to stick with the normal Gmail IMAP.

Today I travelled from Asheville, NC to Dutchess County, NY.  I brought the data files on the USB.  Copied them to my working TheBat! directory.
I did not export any registry key, but the one for working directory has the same spot on both puters ( E:/TheBat! ) and I did not touch.

When I open up TheBat! on the new location, one of the accounts, the main one (which is in the registry as lastfolder) shows properly, with all the mail.  Also some no-mail-yet folders show fine, that I set up for Common mail, but have not yet used.  

However, the other five directories simply do not show up in TheBat! So apparently TheBat! is doing something more than simply reading the directories in the Mail Directory folder.  

Right now, I have the Avast! mail shield off and there have been no messages in antivirus or firewall land.

Your thoughts as to what causes the lack of showing the additional directories/accounts ?


I just remembered, in Eudora the actual account information for multiple accounts is kept in an .ini file, which, unless changed, is situated on the c: with the program (not with the data).

Maybe TheBat! has something similar?
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I don't think you're supposed to do what you did, but maybe this helps:
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Thank, Daniel.
Yes, I was able to simply add the accounts and the existing mailboxes were picked up.

Still mildly wonder where TheBat! holds that info.

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