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after running Inbox Analyzer - access violation and runtime error
The Bat! 7.4.2
Windows 10

After running the Inbox Analzyer and executing actions (one or many) The Bat! becomes flakey, with the cursor jumping back up to the Inbox.  I try to close the program and I get two messages.  The "00.." are long numbers.


Access Violation at address 00.. in module "thebat64.exe'      
Read of address 00..
Runtime error 231 at 0000000000411387


Both come up numerous times in a series of windows.  I have to close the program in TaskManager and start over.        

Is this a glitch in the Inbox Analzyer?  

You may want to open a support ticket for that one. The beta releases have had some access violations but I simply do not remember if any were linked to the Inbox analyzer.

Go into your mail directory  and include "thebat64_Exceptions.log" so they can see deeper than the just the error message

Please report back here when you have done that so thers can track the issue with you
You could always join the beta group and post there and in the Bug Tracker
Wrong thread.
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At the moment the problem is not occurring. And I able to use the Inbox Analyzer.  No new exceptions.

Looking back, this is an example of what was in my error log.

Date: 18 Jan 2017 09:28:46
OS: Windows 10  X64 (AMD or Intel) build 14393
PhysMemFreeTotal: 5417/10052 MB
VirtMemFreeTotal: 134217341/134217727 MB
MAPI #0: Eudora [Eudora]; Path: C:\PROGRA~2\Eudora\EuMAPI32.dll (not valid)
MAPI #1: Windows Live Hotmail [Hotmail]; Path: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\hmmapi.dll (valid)
MAPI #2: The Bat! [The Bat!]; Path: C:\Program Files\The Bat!\tbmapi32.dll (not valid)
MAPI #3: The Bat! Simple MAPI 32-bit [The Bat! Simple MAPI 32-bit]; Path: C:\Program Files\The Bat!\tbmapi32.dll (not valid)
MAPI #4: The Bat! Simple MAPI 64-bit [The Bat! Simple MAPI 64-bit]; Path: C:\Program Files\The Bat!\tbmapi64.dll (valid)
MAPI #5:  [Windows Mail]; Path:  (not valid)
Default Profile:
Address: 00000000015D5714
ClassName: EAccessViolation
Message: Access violation at address 00000000015D5714 in module 'thebat64.exe'. Read of address 0000000000000880
IsOSException: 1
0000000000400000 20161222191208 C:\Program Files\The Bat!\thebat64.exe
00000000015D5714 [0000000000400000]

And the stack continues for a long time.

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