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Exception in module when trying to open
Using the bat 7.4.4 on W10 I get the following error. Any advice please.

Application Error
Exception Exception in module thebat64.exe at 000000000153C7FE.

ConnectToRemoteServerPipe; WaitNamedPipeW try counter exceeded.

Edited: Kevin Collins - 20 January 2017 17:06:34
You may want to open a support ticket with that. Let them know exactly what you were doing (or trying to do) when the AV popped up
Also important: attach a copy of the exceptions log "thebat64_Exceptions.log" on a 64 bit system and it is found in the mail directory. If you are on 32 bit the name will be slightly different

You could always join the beta group and post there and in the Bug Tracker
Ticket opened and file attached.
I am getting this error also on the 32bit version. What was the fix?
I'm still getting the problems.
What I do is kill any of THeBat processes with task manager and then launch TB and all works as it should, if TB is closed the same process has to be done to restart TB.

I have to say I've used TheBat since V1 and this is the first problem encountered.
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