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outlook msg file opens as empty
I'm opening an msg file saved by my business partner, it's an outlook .msg file.
But bat does not display any of the message, only an empty window.

I've just updated to the latest bat version, 7.4.4

What maybe wrong?

Mind you, the same happens with multiple files, not just one.  The body is in the msg file when looked at via a text editor.

MSG is a specific format for Outlook and the problem is best addressed by your business partner. There are many websites noting the problems with Outlook (and the Exchange server) in the inability to share with those not using Outlook/Exchange. I don't know if this is an easy setup option in Outlook or not. My suggestion is to speak to your partner and ask for some test cases, such as sending never more than one attachment. If your partner is using Exchange, possibly the server administrator can adjust the settings. My guess is your business partner intended to send a DOC or XLS or other format and it was converted.  Good luck. This isn't a TB! problem. (There are many utilities out there that convert MSG to DOC or other formats, but I doubt that's the solution you want.)
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