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HTML viewer and smiley icons
Hello, today I upgraded to TB! from version and I've noticed that I can't read HTML messages if the option "Use smiley icons in HTML viewer" is checked in Preferences, using The Bat! HTML viewer. Is this a known bug? Can anyone confirm?

Thank you.
I am not having any trouble and I have the same settings as you

Look under Preferences / Viewer/Editor you can chose rich text with smilies but that is only for plain text messages
The 2 items under that let you chose combinations of HTML with out without plain text. I use HTML with plain text and have no trouble

Did I understand the issue correctly?
Thanks for answering, Rick.

I'll try to be more specific:

Options -> Preferences -> Viewer/Editor -> HTML Viewer -> Use smiley icons in HTML viewer

With the smileys option enabled I see mostly squares with interspersed letters, after disabling it I see normal text.
This is happening with either HTML messages and plain text messages (?)
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