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Cannot receive mail, Receive email
All of a sudden (as of Feb 1, 2017) The Bat will not receive emails from I changed nothing.  Does anyone know if anything has changed with  Thanks.
What does the log say?

It might be a certificate error. Many users ran into that when Gmail updated its certificate last year to a type not supported by older versions of The Bat.
I also am experiencing (as of Feb 1, 2017) The Bat will not receive emails from  
again I changed nothing.
the bat does still check my gmail.

Looking online I have noticed that Outlook users and Thunderbird users are experiencing the same.

I'm assuming the problem is with att-yahoo
The server host name inbound does not match the certificate
I was on the phone with att for a few hours yesterday with no luck!
Perhaps att-yahoo has updated its certificate to a type not supported by version of The Bat?
One user reported that changing his pop and smtp settings helped. He refered to this page with settings:!/u-verse-tv/KM10...
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I seem to be having trouble replying
this is a test
 Thanks Daniel

I’m not sure but believe that that post was Reposted from years back when att-yahoo had all users change their settings. I updated mine way back then. And as long as those settings are correct that is not the cause of this problem.

I typed in at

and while Norton says that their certificates are installed correctly, there are some issues (warnings) with the certificates that may be causing the Bat to kick back the “TLS handshake failure. The server host name ("") does not match the certificate” log.

I truly know nothing about certificates.
But little by little am learning.

The servers behind '' may have different certificates than just If you want to look deeper into this, you could use Wireshark (freeware) to see the actual packets that get exchanged between TheBat and when you try to retrieve mail. That includes their certificate. When you have that, you can check its chain of authorities to see if they're among those that TheBat recognizes. They are stored in the 'Intermediate CA' and 'Trusted Root CA' categories of your address book.
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