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Forum broken
Will you let me post now?  Will come back and change this if you do...

This topic happened as I grew more and more frustrated with the forum submission post box deleting my text every time I tried to get help with my printing issue.
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can't delete this, can't modify it... can't post anything new.... why did it work this time and none of the ten times I've tried so far (including the support ticket message box)
All of a suddon my printed emails are printing with tiny text and full page width.

I previously had it set up to print on two thirds of the page - to leave me a column for stamps and notes - and text was at least size 14 for easy reading.

At the very least, please help me figure out how to reconfigure the text size?  I do not know how I managed to set it up before, but it was very convenient.

Also - I've had to retype this over and over again as every time I tried to post - and send in a support ticket - it told me "Message text" and emptied this box...  including when trying to modify the initial posts I never expected them actually to get through...
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Okay, not sure at all of your issue, but something to try:   rightclick the folder that contains the message you want to print. click
'properties' and see if you have a checkmark on the 'use folder-specific print settings'.  If so, uncheck it and try the printing again. That will only work if the earlier settings somehow are malformed. And this might let your text print at a normal size. This is only a suggestion and may accomplish nothing. It would be helpful, however, to know results. Good luck.
I apologize for my frustration with the forums this morning, it just kept deleting my message text...

Unfortunately, that didn't fix it.  At this point I have managed to set my right margin to 2 1/2" so part of my problem is resolved.    

I did play with some text sizes in the Generic User Profile, and some of my prints work while others are still default to itty bitty (print preview shows it the way I want it, but when it comes out of the printer - HP Officejet Pro 8610 it is tiny).  In the past, we did have times when part of the header and three lines or so in super huge font would print, so now I have the opposite problem lol.
Did not mention, but this started happening after updating to version 7.4.8 yesterday.
Since it began with a software update, I suggest filing a support ticket. To rule out the printer, I also suggest printing to a PDF to see if the text appears correctly. There are a few freeware products out there that appear as a printer but actually just create a PDF. Good luck.
I sent in a support ticket request (actually went though and didn't delete my message text this time!)  

Printing to PDF's result in the same tiny text problem, even though the print preview looks OK.

It does appear only to be the emails sent to me since the update, and only occasionally on my responses back to the client.  
It is very frustrating.    I use the very basic plain text viewer settings, so hidden html can be ruled out.
At the very least, please help me figure out how to reconfigure the text  size?  I do not know how I managed to set it up before, but it was very  convenient.

Well, the message layout for printing is configured using Message | Print Setup.
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Tech support said its fixed with the latest 7.4.12 update - installed and I think all is well again.  I did need to return my large righthand margin back to 1" but my emails are at least large enough to read without a .pdf print out blown up 200%+
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