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Yahoo POP3 access problem, connection lost yahoo pop3 access
Hello all,

since a few days I can't retrieve my emails from Yahoo using pop3 access.

My account is set for 2-way authentication and I had to set a applicatin password which I did.

I use the followong settings since years withoutr problems:

mail server:  (based on the certificate name)
password: my_yahoo_pop3app_password
authentication: Regular
port: 995
connection: Secure to dedicated port (TLS)

The logfile contains:
[11:04:40]  C: Connected to, port 995
[11:04:40]  S: +OK hello from jpop-0.1
[11:04:40]  C: CAPA
[11:04:40]  S: +OK CAPA list follows
[11:04:40]  S: IMPLEMENTATION jpop-0.1
[11:04:40]  S: EXPIRE-NEVER
[11:04:40]  S: PIPELINING
[11:04:40]  S: RESP-CODES
[11:04:40]  S: TOP
[11:04:40]  S: UIDL
[11:04:40]  S: USER
[11:04:40]  S: SASL PLAIN XOAUTH2
[11:04:40]  S: .
[11:04:40]  C: USER
[11:04:40]  S: +OK password required.
[11:04:40]  C: PASS my_yahoo_pop3app_password
[11:04:41]  S: +OK maildrop ready, (JPOP server ready)
[11:04:41]  C: STAT

after a second the connection is lost

I tried the same settings in Thundebird and immediately got access, so I expect there is either problem with my settings in TheBat or with TheBat itself.

In general the mailserver is documented as but when I use this setting I receive a notification:

TLS handshake failure. The server host name ("") does not match the certificate

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong

Thanks for any help

It likely isn't a TB! problem, as I can access Yahoo via both POP and IMAP, . From past experience, Thunderbird will let you access email when there is a certificate error, but it seems TB! will not. My suggestion is to change incoming server to Please advise if that works. Good luck.
I forgot to mention that PC date/time is part of the certificate check, so check that also. AND... I just checked mail with the legacy....  server and it's working fine, so your PC date/time is my best guess. I found yahoo working fine with both servers and wish I could give better advice.

the certifdicat error occurs when I set the server to

it does NOT appear with

I have no idea how I can  delect the certification trust an reasign a new one.

my system time is synced automaticaly with a german government driven internet reference time source amd this is OK

I did a web search on 'yahoo certificate error' and there are many pages of complaints and possible solutions, and the pages go back many years, indicating that Yahoo certificate problems are not uncommon. I'm stretching a bit here as I don't know this topic well, but you may want to try changing DNS settings. I'm using servers from (free) and maybe your connection path has been affected (?). I share your frustration when such happens and you've changed nothing - but that indicates something changed, possibly out of your control. DNS may not be the solution, but it's all I can think of that is within your control between your PC and Yahoo. Another option would be to periodically check the legacy... server to see if it starts working, and maybe see if there is a Yahoo forum somewhere that might offer the answer. I wish I could offer more help, but I'm at wits' end. My hope is someone with expertise may post to this thread. Here is log from my account, indicating the certificate appears valid, yet you aren't accessing it. Good luck, Wolfgang.

>2/26/2017, 08:22:08: FETCH - Certificate S/N: 0DCF4B142694EC75C8499B7CABDDB8FF, algorithm: RSA (2048 bits), issued from 9/20/2016 to 9/20/2018 11:59:59 PM, for 26 host(s):,, *,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
>2/26/2017, 08:22:08: FETCH - Owner: "US", "California", "Sunnyvale", "Yahoo Inc.", "Information Technology", "".
>2/26/2017, 08:22:08: FETCH - Issuer: "US", "Symantec Corporation", "Symantec Trust Network", "Symantec Class 3 Secure Server CA - G4". Valid from 10/31/2013 to 10/30/2023 11:59:59 PM.
>2/26/2017, 08:22:08: FETCH - Root: "US", "VeriSign, Inc.", "VeriSign Trust Network", "© 2006 VeriSign, Inc. - For authorized use only", "VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G5". Valid from 11/8/2006 to 7/16/2036 11:59:59 PM.
2/26/2017, 08:22:08: FETCH - TLS handshake complete
I have no idea how I can  delect the certification trust an reasign a new one.
Certificates are stored in the address book (well, they are in my older version of The Bat). So, if you know which root certificate is required for yahoo's pop3 certificate, I guess you could add it there.
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