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Norton Security issues, How to make sure TheBat! works with Norton Security
OK, probably everyone who uses TheBat! already knows this, but since it keeps happening to me and I keep forgetting what I did to fix it, I am posting this.

What seems to happen almost every time I upgrade is that I cannot download my email. Every account times out. I checked that thebat64.exe is allowed in the firewall. And for good superstitious measure, I blocked, applied, and then allowed applied to make sure.

I turned off antivirus for email checking -- permanently

I turned off antispam permanently.

That seems to be working. For Norton Security, these settings can be reached by going to

Settings - Antivirus - Scans and Risks - Email Antivirus Scan which is then set to off

Settings - Firewall - Program Control  Type thebat in the search box, Go, and then make sure the current bat email exe file is set to "Allow"

Settings - Antispam - Set to "Off"   -- I think this was my main problem because I did not think it was doing anything because TheBat! was not listed in Client Integration, but I assume what matter was the Protected Port setting. Turning Antispam off coincided with my connections resuming in thebat!

Now when I Google "TheBat! and Norton Security" because I have again forgotten this procedure, I won't waste so much time trying to figure things out. --Chris
It might help viewers to give some info on your PC and OS. I use Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit, with Norton Security and those settings are ON (always have been) and I"ve never had any email problems with Norton. I use IMAP and it appears you're using POP, but I wouldn't think that would cause this difference in our experiences. .
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