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Unwanted attachments, Yahoo logo being attached to emails
I belong to several Yahoo Groups.  Recently, maybe within the last 2 months, whenever I respond to any message in any of the six groups I belong to, the Yahoo logo is attached to only my message.  When I respond from my Android tablet email program, this doesn't happen.  It only happens when I respond from The Bat on my computer.

When people receive the email, there are attachments shown but they are not anything I have attached but only the Yahoo logo.  Is The Bat picking up some kind of encoding in the incoming message and rendering it as an attachment when I respond?  I am getting complaints from other users in the groups about my emails.
That's weird. When you look at the messages that you've sent out, don't you see any such attachments in them? Theoratically there might be something in your Reply template that attaches a file, but in that case you'd probably remember putting it there.. (to see your Reply template, go to the Properties of the folder in question).

Moderators of a Yahoo Group can configure if attachments are allowed in their group, maybe it could be solved that way?
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I am the owner of the Yahoo Group and it has been an active group since 2009.  This just started happening in the last couple of months. None of the other people in the group are having the problem, but they may reply directly fr om the group's web site and not their own email program. I tried replying to another of my own email addresses and not letting go through the Yahoo servers and it still did it.  

Since it doesn't do that when I reply from my Android tablet, I figured it must be a problem in The Bat.  I'm wondering if something was changed in one of the latest updates.  When I look at the Reply template, I can't see anything regarding attachments. I don't know wh ere else to look.  Maybe I don't know what to look for.
Is there a way to have attachments automatically deleted when replying to a message?  In other words, to not have the attachment attached to the reply?
I don't think it's something that The Bat is doing, but that's not hard to find out. When you have finished writing a reply to a message, don't press Send but press Put in Outbox. Then go to your reply in your Outbox and you'll see exactly how The Bat is going to send out your message, including any attachments. If you see no attachments there, then it is something that the Yahoo Groups server is doing later on when it distributes your reply to the group.

It could be that Yahoo is attaching a logo only when you are replying in HTML mode. That would actually make sense because you can display images in HTML messages. If that is what is going on, the only way that I can think of to stop this, would be to log into the group's site as the owner, and go to Management | Control Panel | Group Settings, and set Email Preferences either to 'Text Only' or to 'HTML - No Attachments'. I guess you could also set it to 'HTML - Include Attachments as links', in which case no attachments will be distributed with the messages, but people might still see a logo if their reader doesn't block images from external sources.
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
Thank you for the information. Since it does not happen when I respond from my Android tablet, I thought it might be The Bat doing it.  I'll try putting it in the outbox the next time and see what happens.  I tried sending a reply message to me at a different email address that has nothing to do with Yahoo and the Yahoo logos were still there.  
OK, I tried doing what you said.  I typed my reply, put it in the outbox and didn't see any attachments.  But, instead of sending it to the Yahoo Group, I sent it to myself at a private email account that does not go through the Yahoo servers and when it came into my inbox, there were all the Yahoo logos attached.  This is very curious.
In that case, it sounds more like Yahoo's mail server is adding the logos, and the problem is unrelated to Groups.

When you go to Mail (online at Yahoo) and click the Gear icon in the top-right corner, you can choose Settings. In the Settings screen, go to Accounts and choose the yahoo email account that this is happening with. There should be a 'Signature' option. Could it be that that option is active and the signature includes the logos that you speak of?
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
It's strange through that it doesn't happen from your Android tablet. Are you sure that both are using the same Yahoo email account to send email?
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
I am not using a Yahoo email account at all.  I use a gmail account to send and receive emails from the Yahoo groups.  I have a Yahoo account as part of my Yahoo profile, but I don't use the email that is attached to it.  The part that was confusing me is that no logos are attached when I respond on my tablet.  I participate in 6 different Yahoo Groups and it happens with every group, so I don't think it is the settings for each group.  I have been the owner of my own group since 2009 and this just started happening about 2 months ago.

It is very frustrating because it only seems to happen when I respond.  There is a Yahoo logo is comes at the bottom of each email that anyone sends, but when I respond it multiplies it and, depending on how often I respond, it can add up to 4 more of the logos.
Are you sure that the logos are actual attachments, i.e. separate graphics files that are sent along with the message? It sounds more like you're reading and writing in HTML mode and these messages contain links to logos that reside on Yahoo's server. Those links may not show in The Bat.

If that's what is happening, your Android mail editor is probably posting in plain text mode and that explains why you don't see the multiplied logos there.

And if so, what you could do in The Bat is either reply in plain text mode too (in the message editor, use Options | Message Format | Plain Text) or be careful to remove all redundant quoted material (quote only the few lines of text that you're actually responding to and remove the rest, which hopefully contains those logo links).
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I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
They show up as attachments on the message.  And other people say they are coming in as attachments. However, until I can figure out how to stop it completely, yesterday I started replying with quoted text and that works.  On every email that comes into the group, if I scroll down to the bottom of the message, there is a Yahoo logo.  However, when I reply and the message comes in, it will say there are two attachments.  When I click on the attachment in the attachment pane, it is the stupid logos.  

Oh well, I guess I will just continue to reply with quoted text.  I am in such a habit of just replying to the whole message, it will take some getting used to.  Thank you for all your help and suggestions.
Is the only place to choose plain text across the bottom of the message pane?  Where is this:  in the message editor, use Options | Message Format | Plain Text)

Nevermind, I found it.  Thank you again for your help.
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