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The Bat/Windows Taskbar, icon on the taskbar
Is there a way to have The Bat icon on the taskbar but not pinned to it?  In other words, on the right side of the taskbar in Windows 7 there are icons for sound, virus programs, Internet connection, time. When you right click on the taskbar you can customize it to show notifications as well as the icon. For The Bat, the little bat icon flaps his wings when a new mail comes in. My husband doesn't have The Bat listed in his programs in the Windows taskbar menu to show notifications.  Any idea of how to get it there?  Thank you.
It's called the System Tray, search the help for that and the relevant settings should come up.
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Thank you for correcting me. Yes, it is the System Tray I am talking about.  And, I just found it in The Bat.  It's under Options, Preferences, General. There is a place to check off if you want the icon in the System Tray.
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