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How to add an exisitng message to a new one
Dear all,

Wondering if anyone knows how you add an existing message in one of my folders to a new message that i am going to send. I do not want to simply quote from the old message I want to attach the whole message chain to my new email as documentary evidence.

All suggestions welcome as I can't find a way of doing this and drag and drop a la Outlook doesn not seem to work

Well, in my (older) version of The Bat, drag and drop seems to work just fine. I write a new message or a reply and then I drag-and-drop a message from the message list into the new message (I grab it by the subject part, if that matters). This causes the entire, integral message to be attached to the new message in .EML format.
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Thank you I will try that and see what happens. I was surprised when I couldn't get it to work as The Bat is a very competent email client and I would take it for granted that it could drag and drop.

kind regards

I am feeling really stupid regarding how to do this.  When I open a folder to find the email I want to attach, the new email I am composing disappears and there is no way to drag the message I want to attach to the new message.  What am I doing wrong?  Thank you.
Ann, is that just because The Bat's main window covers the window in which you're composing the new message? If so, you can either (beforehand) make The Bat's main window smaller and move the editing window to a place on your screen where it won't be fully covered, OR you can do this:

- Look at your Windows taskbar. In its middle you can see little boxes (buttons) for the applications that are running. At this point, these should include The Bat and its editing window with the new message.
- Now, in The Bat, pick up and drag the to-be-attached old message and hover it briefly over the taskbar entry for the editing window.
- This will make the editing window come to the foreground, and now you can drop the old message into it so it becomes an attachment there.

This is just a generic technique that works with all Windows applications. So, if you ever have to drag-and-drop something into a window that's obscured by others, this is how you can still do it.
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I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
Thank you for those suggestions. OK, at first I kept getting a circle with a line through it and I couldn't do it, but then I made the main screen smaller and moved the edit window to the side and I was able to do it .  Thank you so much for your help.
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You could try "Message menu | Edit as New." It takes an existing message and allows you to edit it before you send it. It is similar to Resend, except that the latter is sent immediately and therefore doesn't allow editing.
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