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Emptying Trash Folder for IMAP on Exit
I have Account>Properties>Option>Empty Trash on Exit toggled, yet it doesn't happen. On exit I see a message that email from Trash is being removed, but it's still there when I restart TheBat!. The exit process takes up to a minute with the 'empty trash' option is set. Any tips on getting trash to empty on exit will be appreciated. Thank you,
Edited: david kirk - 14 April 2017 17:09:35
I upgraded to version 8 today and 4 of 5 IMAP accounts now delete trash on exit, as specified. Big improvement, since this feature didn't work at all for me in prior versions. I gave up on the 5th account and set to delete immediately, bypassing trash. Maintenance during shut down seems much faster, so the upgrade was worth it to me.
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